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Adding Group Members

First, select the name of the group/class on the left-hand side of the screen. There are two ways to add members to a group.

  • You can manually enter each name by typing the first few letters of the name into the "Add a New Group Member" field or by clicking on the arrow to scroll through the names already in your database. Then highlight and select the name you want to add. In order for names to show up in this field, they must already be entered on the People Screen. To add names not already in the ChurchTrac Online database, click on "Add Name" in the top toolbar. Next, select the person's "Group Role" (teacher, member, guest, etc.) from the selection box, and click the "Add" button. To add or edit options in the Group Role field, click on "Group Roles" in the top toolbar.

adding group members

  • A second way to enter names into a group is by using the Bulk Edit feature on the People screen.

Once the name has been added, it will show up under the "Group Member" list. On this screen, you can access a person's People Screen information by clicking on their blue underlined name; you can change the person's group role; change their Active/Inactive status; and even delete their name from the group by clicking the blue trash can.