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Creating and Editing Categories

The category list allows you to create specific categories to assign to contributions, expenses and budgets. These categories are accessible on the Giving and Accounting screens. To create a new category, click on the "Categories" heading in the top toolbar. Then type in the name of the new category in the "Create New Category" field. The new category information will appear on the right side of the screen. On this screen, you can assign category numbers or assign this category as a subcategory of a larger "main" category. For example, you may have an "Outreach Ministry" category. You could then create a "Neighborhood Ministry" and "Homeless Ministry" sub category to better track your expenses. Both of these fields are optional.
Create Category
To edit or delete a category or subcategory, click on the name in the list, make changes and hit Enter or click "Delete this Category." If there is money assigned to this category either on the Giving screen or the Accounting screen, ChurchTrac Online will prompt you to reassign the money in that category to another category.

Note: You can't create a category that is a sub category of another sub category.

Categories can be moved into any order you prefer. To change your Category order, simply click and drag the Category to whatever position you prefer.