Contribution Statements

How do I print Contribution Statements? 

Contribution Statements can be printed from either the Giving Screen's Report menu, or from Reports on the People Screen.

When you generate statements from the Giving Screen, a statement will be generated for each family (or individual) who has given a tax-deductible donation during the date range.

If you generate statements from the People Screen, only names in the selected Smart List, or that are checked, will be included. When generating a Contribution Statement, you'll select whether to Print or Email the statements (People Screen only). You'll also select whether to generate one statement per family (this is default), or one statement per individual. Although contributions are entered by individual, when you choose to print one statement per family, all contributions from family members are combined into a single report.

Contribution Statements

How do I email contribution statements? 

If you have bulk email configured (for example, using Mandrill), you can email a contribution statement to each contributor. To begin, go to the People Screen and select the Smart List that contains the names you want to use, or manually check the names you wish to use, then click Reports and Labels on the toolbar. Choose the Contribution Statement option, then change "Print" to "Email". The application will generate a report for you showing which names were emailed successfully.

Note: Choosing the Email option for delivery of contribution statements does not guarantee that the emails will be delivered. We recommend that you use an email delivery service, like Mandrill, when sending transactional emails. For more information, see the notes on the Email Settings Screen.

If you are generating a report for each Family, you will also need to specify a family email address before emailing contribution statements. To set a family email, click on a name of a family member on the People Screen, then click the Edit button under the Details tab. At the bottom of the family information section, you'll find a selection box that allows you to choose which family member's email address will be used when emailing family contribution statements. Since this is a family field, you only need to choose this value once, and it is saved for each member of the family.

Why do my Contribution Statements seem to be missing items, or missing Names/Families? 

There are two reasons why contribution statements may not generate the content you expect. First, only people who are assigned to a family (on the People Screen) will have a contribution statement. If someone is missing, double-check to make sure a family is selected for that individual on the Details tab of the People Screen.

Secondly, only contributions that are marked as "Tax Deductible" will appear on Contribution Statements. This means that any Giving Screen entries where Deductible=No will not be listed on a contribution statement, or included in totals on a contribution statement (it will be included in other Giving Screen reports). You can click "Add or Edit Categories" on the Giving Screen toolbar to specify whether or not each category defaults to Deductible or Non-deductible.

How do I customize my Contribution Statements?

ChurchTrac gives you the ability to change many of the settings of Contribution Statements. You can do things like adjusting the Header, the Footer, the address location & more.

To adjust these settings go to Settings Admin Settings Report Settings

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