Using Pledges

The Pledges window allows you to create pledge campaigns as well as track your congregation's pledges and receipts. The pledge window can be accessed by clicking "Pledges" on the top toolbar.

Creating or Editing a new Pledge Campaign

Before creating a new Pledge Campaign, you will need to set up a new Pledge Category, such as "Building Fund" or "Playground Equipment" on the Giving Screen by clicking on "Add or Edit Categories" from the Giving Screen top toolbar. Each campaign must use a unique category name that is not used for other pledges or contributions (for example, "2020 Pledges", not just "General Offerings"). Pledge Campaigns are not tracked by a date range, but by the unique category assigned to the campaign.

New Pledge Campaign

Add New Pledges

To begin, click on the "New Campaign" option and name your campaign.

Next, select the Pledge Category that you created for this campaign. All contributions entered on the Giving Screen using that category will be applied to the designated pledge campaign.

Finally, enter a Campaign End Date. There is no designated start date, as the campaign includes all contributions classified to the unique category up to the end date.

To edit an existing pledge campaign, simply select the name from the selection box and make changes.

Adding a Pledge Commitment

Pledges are linked to an Individual, and not per Family. Select the name of the pledger from the selection box and enter the annual amount they have pledged. If they pledged to give monthly, multiply that amount by 12 enter that annual amount. If weekly multiply by 52.

Once you click "Add Pledge," the name and amount pledged will appear under the Pledge Commitments section.

Add Pledge Commitment

Only "Active" names in the database will show up in the selection list. Go to the People Screen to change a person's status from "Inactive" to "Active." If the person is not already entered in ChurchTrac, you will need to go the People Screen and add their name there first.
You cannot edit a pledge amount once it is entered. If you need to modify it, you will have to delete the pledger's name, and add them back in with the new amount.

Pledge Commitments

This section shows the total amount each person has pledged to give toward the campaign, the amount received to date (as entered on the Giving Screen), and the amount remaining. It also shows these running totals for the entire campaign.

The up/down arrow icons for each column heading allow you to sort by that column when you click on it.


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