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Importing Data from a Spreadsheet or CSV file

We don't believe that you should pay to get your initial data into ChurchTrac Online. We will import your first spreadsheet of basic People and Family data from an Excel or .CSV file, for free.

Please set up your spreadsheet using the following columns in the following order. You don't have to include every column below-- but if you do skip a column, insert a blank column in its place. If you use ChurchTrac 9 (the desktop edition), do not use these instructions. Instead, you'll want to go back and follow the instructions for importing your data from ChurchTrac 9. The following columns/fields can be included in your spreadsheet for import. Be sure that the data in your spreadsheet matches the items in this list (Columns with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

The Following columns (A-H) are per INDIVIDUAL name:
  • COLUMN A *REQUIRED*: First Name (only one name per row is allowed. Do not combine "George & Martha" as one entry. Make sure there are no blank entries.)
  • COLUMN B *REQUIRED*: Last Name (Sort the spreadsheet by this column alphabetically. But within each family grouping, put the head of household as the first name.)
  • COLUMN C: Full Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) --or-- Birth Year only (if you don't know the year, put the month and day in Columns D and E.)
  • COLUMN D: Birth Month (leave this column blank if Column C contains the full birthday; otherwise this column must be a number between 1-12)
  • COLUMN E: Birth Day (Leave this column blank if Column C contains the full birthday; otherwise this column must be a number between: 1-31)
  • COLUMN F: Email Address (Only one email address per row)
  • COLUMN G: Envelope Number or Member Number
  • COLUMN H: Cell/Txt Number (Only one phone number per row)

The following columns (I-P) are shared FAMILY fields, so they should contain identical data for each family member; including spouse and children:

  • COLUMN I *REQUIRED*: *Family Name (Should be in the format: LASTNAME, FirstName and SpouseName. Do not leave this blank. Don't use only LASTNAME. See Note 2 below.)
  • COLUMN J:Formal Greeting (For Example: Mr. and Mrs. George Washington. Don't leave it as only 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.')
  • COLUMN K: Informal Greeting (For Example: George and Martha)
  • COLUMN L: Home Address
  • COLUMN M: City --or-- City, State and Zip code
  • COLUMN N: State (leave this column blank if Column M contains City, State and Zip code)
  • COLUMN O: Zip Code (leave this column blank if Column M contains City, State and Zip code)
  • COLUMN P: Home Phone (only one phone number per row)

The following columns (Q-R) are per INDIVIDUAL name:

  • COLUMN Q: Member Status (Should be one word, like 'Member', 'Guest', 'Child', etc.)
  • COLUMN R: Active Use only one of the following terms: ("Active", "1","Yes") or ("Inactive", "0", "No"). If left blank, names will be imported as Active.)

The following columns (S-Z) can contain either INDIVIDUAL or FAMILY data:

  • COLUMN S-Z: OPTIONAL User Defined Fields (Be sure to log in to your ChurchTrac account and first create User-Defined Fields in the appropriate format to match the data in these columns. See Note 3 below)

Important! If you don't know the value of a field, just leave it blank! Do not include a placeholder (like N/A, ? or Unknown).

Note 1: If two people share the same name, add something to the First Name field to distinguish between the two individuals (duplicate names will be skipped). For example, you can add Jr., Sr., or a middle initial to the First Name field to avoid duplicate names.

Note 2: The import process will automatically attempt to determine family relationships and assign individuals to the correct family. We'll automatically assign individuals with the same Family Name to the same family based on (Column I). Otherwise, we'll attempt to guess which family an individual belongs to based on their Home Address (Column L) and/or Home Phone (Column P). If an existing family relationship cannot be determined, a new family will be created, and its Family Name will be generated based on the first individual in that family in your spreadsheet. Additionally, other shared Family fields, like Formal (Column J) and Informal Greeting (Column K), will be created using the entries from the first family member in your spreadsheet.

Note 3: One of your User-Defined columns can contain an additional phone number, such as a work phone number. If so, we'll import this column as a Phone Number field and not as a User-Defined field. For example, create date fields as [Date], Boolean fields as [Yes/No], option fields as [Selection List], and so on. If you don't have the YEAR for all the dates, the format needs to be MM,DD,YYYY or MM,DD (using commas in between digits). If you have more than 10 user-defined fields to import, please contact us.

Once you have set up your spreadsheet according to these instructions, create a Support Ticket and attach the file. Be sure to include the Church name and phone number for you ChurchTrac account. We'll send you a response back once the import process is complete. Data Imports usually take 1-3 business days. Here is a sample Excel spreadsheet that you can download that gives you an idea of how to format your spreadsheet: Sample Excel Template