Age Category

As great as Tags are for organizing your people into groups or classes, there are many situations in which you simply want to group your people by their age. For that, we use Age Categories.

You can view your Age Category preferences by selecting any individual in your database to edit, then clicking the "Age Category" field name.

Upon clicking the link, the Age Category preferences will appear. Here you can adjust the order of each Age Category with the arrows, delete an Age Category, Rename an Age Category, Add an Age Category, or adjust the ages for each category.

Changing Age Category Age

The age range for an Age Category is found between the parenthesis. Here you can change the number range to correspond to the age range of your ministries. Do not overlap the age ranges, like (25-35) then (35-45); it should be (25-34) and (35-44). All Age Categories must be in the same parenthesis format to be properly sorted.

Auto Assign Age Categories

To help you save time, ChurchTrac can bulk edit your people to the correct Age Categories. Though you may already be selecting an individual's Age Category when they're added, they eventually may be moving to another. A great example of this is when you graduate children from one class to another. Clicking the Auto-Assign button will cause everyone in your database to assigned based on their age to the proper category. This is done manually, and does not automatically move a person on their birthday during the year.

For a person to be assigned to an Age Category, their complete birthday (including year) needs to be recorded on their People Screen profile.
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