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Using Reports

ChurchTrac Online offers a variety of predefined reports for each screen throughout the program. When you click on a screen (People, Groups, Attendance, etc.) a screen-specific report option will be available in the top toolbar. On the People Screen you can select from a variety of general reports, mailing labels, birthday reports, member/picture directories and more by clicking Reports and Labels on the toolbar. Once you have opened the Reports and Labels screen:

    1. Select the report type from the list of options in the first box.
    2. Choose who to include in the report by choosing to include the names from the selected Smart List or only the names that are Checked on the People screen. Note: If you only want to include the Checked names in your report, check the names on the People screen first. Then open the Reports and Labels screen and click the box next to "Include only the names that are checked on the People screen." If no names are checked, this option will not be present.
    3. Choose the report options for the report you want to create.

reports and labels

Note: In addition to the preset "Reports and Labels" option on the People Screen, you can also create your own Custom Reports.