Teams and Roles

The Teams | Roles page is where you set up and manage your Teams and Roles.

Teams and Roles are just different types of Tags used specifically or organizing and scheduling your people. Roles are the different positions that need to be filled within a team, so a Role is a subtag of a Team. Because Teams and Roles are really just Tags, you'll be able to work with and manage your Teams on the People screen as well.

You can create a Team for any ministry that you choose, but especially for those that have scheduling needs. Any leader in your church that has a User Account can use ChurchTrac to schedule their volunteers or people. For example, your Children's ministry leader may want to create a team to schedule volunteers or nursery workers each week.

Creating & Editing Teams

To create a Team, click "Create a New Team" located to the bottom of your list of teams.

Using Teams

Once a Team has been created, you can edit the Team name, Insert a Team Description, assign a Team Leader & more!

Creating & Assigning Roles

Within every team that you create, you have designated Roles within. Let's say that you create a Welcome Team. In your welcome team, you can create roles such as Greeter, Welcome Center, Usher and others. To create a Role, select the "Create New Role" button.

Using Teams

Once a Role has been created, you can select that Role and begin assigning people to it. There is a number counter to the right of the Role Tag to help you keep track of how many people are assigned to each Role.

Just a reminder: when you create a Team, a Team Tag is created for that Team on the People Screen as well. That Tag will have the Scheduling option set to "Yes." When you create a Role for a Team, a subtag for your Team Tag is also created.

Team Members

At any time, you can view the people assigned to your Team from the Team Members tab. Any dates for a Team Member is unavailable will be shown to the right of their name. You can also add unavailable dates and adjust member details, including their phone number, email address, and communication preference. This determines whether scheduling invites are sent to this person via SMS, Email or Both.

Using Teams

Team Members can manage their availability through Church Connect.
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