Worship Planning Setup

The Setup page gives you the ability to change settings/preferences, add & edit service elements, manage locations, and edit/delete service templates.


You can set your default start and end times for services and rehearsals, link your SongSelect account, or toggle your Song Library to display song cards in either 1 or 2 columns.

Worship Planning Setup

Service Elements

Service Elements (together with Songs) are the components that make up your Worship outline. Some examples of Service Elements include a Welcome, Prayer, Scripture Reading, and Sermons. We've created some sample Elements for you. Feel free to use these items, or you can create, edit, and delete items in this list to match the elements your church uses.

Worship Planning Setup


In many cases, we hold services in various building or rooms. Services, like calendar events, can have a location assigned. While the location field is option when creating a service, it might be helpful if you sometimes meet in different places. 

Worship Planning Setup


After you have created a service with your Songs and/or Service Elements, you can save that service as a template. This saves time when creating future services. Use this screen to edit Template names or delete them.

Worship Planning Setup


If you have a SongSelect account, you can connect it to ChurchTrac. This allows you to quickly import songs, lyrics, and even chord charts.

A SongSelect subscription is required to import songs through SongSelect. To learn more, go to www.songselect.com
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