Importing Transactions

ChurchTrac will allow you to import your bank transactions from an OFX (Money), QFX (Quicken), QIF, or QBO (QuickBooks) file provided by your bank/institution. Comma Separated Value (CSV) format is not supported for transaction imports. Many banks and credit card companies allow you to download your recent transactions (you may need to check your bank's website to see if they support this feature. These transported transactions can then be quickly added to your account register without having to type in the payee, check number, date or amount.

First, log in to your bank or credit card company's website and download one of the supported file types for a date range that you wish to import. (We recommending keeping the date range short, as it takes longer for the application to process the import if the file contains too many transactions). Once the file is saved to your computer, go to the appropriate account register and click on the "Import" button on the bottom toolbar of the register.

Next, drag and drop the downloaded file on to the import drop zone (or click the drop zone to browse for the file on your computer). After the file has been uploaded, a list of transactions contained in that file will be displayed.

Click on the transactions in the list, one at a time, and update the information associated with each transaction (as needed). The date, check number, payee, and amount will automatically appear. You will need to manually select a category and fund for each transaction. If the transaction type is a Deposit/Credit or an Expense/Charge, the transaction type will also automatically appear.

If the transaction type is an account transfer, you will need to manually select Transfer Between Accounts.
Importing Transactions

If you want to assign the transaction to multiple categories and/or funds, type in the amount for the first category/fund. Then click "Add Another Entry" and enter the amount for the next category/fund (similar to how you do this when adding a transaction manually).

The total amount for each of the entries MUST equal the amount of the imported transaction or the transaction will not import.

Duplicate transactions (entries with the SAME date, payee and amount) will appear red. Click on the "Remove Confirmed/Red Duplicate Entries" button to delete these transactions.