Check-In Settings

There are several options and settings that can be adjusted for check-in when you click the check-in settings button in the top right corner of the check-in window.


The following window will be displayed:

Check-In vs. Check-Out Mode

Check-Out mode is a mode that you can use to record when a child is picked up. It will record a timestamp and optionally prompt you for the name of the person who picked up the child.

Not all churches require the level of security that check-out provides. Usually you'll just need to require that parents present the security label that is generated during check-in. The security code on the label will match the security code on the child's check-in label. For additional security, you can require that the person picking up the child(ren) also know their names, as this information is NOT printed on the security label that the parent presents at pick-up.

To toggle between Check-In and Check-Out mode, click the Settings icon on the top right of the screen. Once on the Check-In Screen Options, you can toggle to Check-Out Mode. On this screen, you can also toggle between a Manned or Unmanned Station, change the default Check-In Search method, change printer type and more.


To perform a Check-Out, make sure that you are toggled to Check-Out Mode from the Check-In Settings Screen. Once you search the individual(s) you wish to check out, click the button "Perform Check-Out for this Entire Family".

check out Manned vs Unmanned Station

This setting allows you to choose if the device you're using will be set to manned or unmanned mode. For a discussion of how to utilize this feature, see our Using Check-In article.

Default Check-In Search Method

When you first open the Check-In Screen, do you want to search by phone or by name? You can check the default option here. This change applies to all stations.

Despite the default option, there will always be a link to switch to the other search mode at the bottom of the Check-in Screen.
Printer Type

The Printer Type setting determine how labels are generated and sent to a connected printer. If you're using a computer (or laptop) where a printer driver has been installed, choose label printer. The Standard printer option is available if you're using a full (letter) size printer and printing to a sheet of labels (not recommended). Choose Manual if you're using Airprint to print from a iOS device.

Show or Hide the 'Tap the Print Button' Alert

Select Hide if you're using a browser in kiosk mode. Normally you'll only want to show the alert if you're not using kiosk mode on a unmanned station.

Additional Check-In Options

The right side of the check-in settings window will list the tags that are configured for the current event. You can choose whether to print check-in labels for people in a tag, or name tag labels, or no labels at all. We recommend that you print labels for anyone who is a baby through elementary age. Optionally, you can choose to print name tag labels for older children, youth and adults.

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