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Group Categories

A group category is a collection of groups or classes that you want to track together. Most churches keep records for Sunday school, discipleship groups, worship services, or ministry teams. Each of these would be a separate Group Category in ChurchTrac Online. Click on Config Group Categories on the toolbar to create new Group Categories or to edit existing Group Categories. This will open the Group Category dialog box.
editing group categories
When you create a new Group Category, you must also select a method for tracking the group's attendance.

  • Detailed: check each person present or absent
  • Count: enter the total number of people present
  • None: no attendance tracking

The attendance tracking method you choose for a Group Category applies to all the groups/classes within that category. In other words, you can't have a Sunday School class that uses the Detailed tracking method and one that uses the Count method.

Note: Once an attendance tracking method is selected for a Group Category, it cannot be changed. So think through which method will best fit all of the groups/classes in that category before deciding. When in doubt, select the Detailed method. The Detailed method allows you to check off names that were present, as well as enter a count value.