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Importing from ChurchTrac 9 (Desktop Edition)

We have a process to move your ChurchTrac data to ChurchTrac Online. Please read and follow these steps carefully:

  1. To begin, please create a new backup of your ChurchTrac 9 data from the computer that has your most up-to-date data. You will need to send this backup file to us by attaching it to a support ticket. In your support ticket, be sure to mention that you want us to import the data from the attached file to your ChurchTrac Online account.
  2. Wait for a response back from us indicating that the import process has been completed. Though most data imports are done within 1 business day, please allow up to 3 business days for us to complete the import process. During this time we recommend that no data be entered into either system.

Also, please read the following important notes regarding the import process:

  • The import process will first delete any data that you have already entered into ChurchTrac Online before importing your data from your ChurchTrac backup file. The exception to this is that any user accounts or account settings you have created in ChurchTrac Online will be retained after the import process is complete. User accounts from ChurchTrac 8/9 will not be imported to ChurchTrac Online. We recommend that you set up your user accounts and permissions in ChurchTrac Online before beginning the import process. This will ensure that only authorized ChurchTrac Online users can view your data after import.
  • Pictures files are not stored in your data file and therefore are not imported into ChurchTrac Online. You will need to manually upload and assign pictures files after the import process is complete.
  • Memorized Payees and Budgets work differently in ChurchTrac Online are therefore are not imported from your data file. These will have to be re-entered manually.
  • If you use the barcode feature for attendance entry, new bar codes or cards will need to be printed for use with ChurchTrac Online. While the process is similar, the two systems use different methods for the barcoded IDs.
  • There is no way to move data from ChurchTrac Online back to ChurchTrac 9.