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Setting Up Attendance Features

The Attendance Screen allows you to enter a record of attendance for your events and classes.

Before using this screen we recommend that you enter all of your names into the People Screen and properly set up your groups and classes on the Groups Screen.
From the Attendance Screen you can also access ChurchTrac Online's Family/Child Check-In you the ability to record important information about the children left in your care--like allergies, special needs, and emergency contact information--plus other features to help ensure the safety of kids in your nursery or children's department.

Select a Group Category

Use the selection box to choose which Group Category you want to access or create a new attendance event for. The options are the same as the ones you set up on the Groups Screen.

Attendance Date

To add a new date to record attendance, click on the "New Attendance Date" option. A calendar will pop up for you to select your new date. Then click "Create Records for Selected Dates" for your new attendance date to appear. If you would like to access an existing attendance date, click on a date listed in the white box. entering and editing attendance dates

Tip: Since ChurchTrac Online creates new attendance records based on existing group membership, it's best to enter all your attendance data, new members, and guests BEFORE creating attendance dates for the next event occurrence. For example, if it is the first week of the month, don't create new attendance dates for every Sunday in the month. You should enter this Sunday's attendance before creating a date to track next Sunday's attendance. If you set up the dates many weeks (or months) in advance, any changes you make (like adding or removing names from a group) will not be copied to the upcoming attendance events you've already created. So you will have to make the changes manually for those dates.