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SHAPE Ministry Profiles

The SHAPE Ministry Profile Tab is a powerful tool for tracking your congregation's gifts, abilities and more. The profile is based on Purpose Driven Life's S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual gifts, Heart/Desire for service, Abilities and talents, Personality, and Experiences). You may use as many or as few of these five items as you want in developing the ministry profiles of your congregation.
There are many default selections to choose from in each list. These selections can easily be edited, by clicking on the blue "Edit...List" option for each category. For example, the Heart for Ministry list includes a long list of possible ministry opportunities. However, some of these might not be available at your church. So you can customize this list of entries to show only the ministry opportunities available at your church.

SHAPE Ministry Profile Reports

To print SHAPE Profile reports, click the "Reports & Labels" option in the top toolbar of the People Screen. Then select "SHAPE Reports" from the white box. Choose who you want to include in your report and click on one of the report options. Tip: Select "Blank Ministry Profile Survey" if you want to print a blank survey for your people to fill out and return. The blank survey will include the changes or additions you made to any of the selection options, so make sure you customize your SHAPE Ministry Profile areas BEFORE you print the blank survey.

Using the SHAPE Profile in Volunteer Management

Once you have ministry profile information entered into the database for each person, you can use this feature as a volunteer management tool. You can create a search using the Smart Lists feature to identify potential volunteers with the gifts and abilities that meet current needs in your church or ministry. Or it can be used to help a specific individual (based on his or her gifts, etc.) find a place of service within the church.