SHAPE Profile Tags

ChurchTrac includes some default tags to help you to create a comprehensive ministry profile on each member of your congregation. On the Tags window you'll find five parent tags representing the 5 areas of the popular SHAPE ministry profile tool (Spiritual gifts, Heart/Desire for service, Abilities and talents, Personality, and Experiences).

Under each of these five parent tags you'll also find quite a few subtags that we have created for you. You may use as many or as few of these items (or customize them) as you wish when developing the ministry profiles of your congregation.


You can assign people to SHAPE tags the same way you do with other tags. Once complete, you'll be able to search your database for people who have the spiritual gift of teaching, or for people who like to cook, or for people who are willing to give a testimony regarding a difficult time in their life.

Perhaps you need to create a list of outgoing people to be greeters at an upcoming event--or you want to create a list of who have said they want to be a greeter. With SHAPE profiles, the possibilities are endless!

This tool can help you fill vacant volunteer positions, or help to plug people into serving or ministry in areas they are gifted. It can help you connect with your people and help them to stay connected to your church.

Churches sometimes use a spiritual gift inventory or questionnaire to help members determine their spiritual gifts. The results of this inventory can be entered into ChurchTrac using the Spiritual Gifts tags. You can also enter a note or member for each person's tags by clicking that tag in their People screen profile.


You can collect additional SHAPE profile data from members of your congregation by having them complete a form indicating what areas they want to serve, or where they feel they are gifted (ChurchTrac does not provide these forms). Some churches collect this information during their new member classes, or by conducting an interview with their members.