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Using Kiosk Mode

The Kiosk Mode allows you to set up self-check-in stations throughout your church. We recommend that you use the Attendance Screen instead of the Kiosk Mode when using a staffed check-in station.

To set up the Kiosk Mode from the Attendance Screen, first select the Group Category and Attendance Date for the event. Then click "Kiosk Mode" at the top of the screen. Press F11 prior to clicking the Kiosk Mode to enable full-screen capabilities. (Pressing F11 again will remove you from the full-screen mode.) Once you are in Kiosk Mode, you can search for all names in a particular group by clicking on the Group Name, or the individual can search by clicking on the first letter of their last name. Click the person's name to mark him/her present.

Click the name again to unmark the person's name. Blue name squares indicate people who have been marked present, the gray name boxes indicate that the person has not been marked present. Click the "Add a New Name" button in the middle of the screen to add a visitor or name that is not already in the database. After entering their information and clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the screen, the new name will be marked present for the group designated. Click on the blue 'X' in the top-right of the screen to return to the Attendance Screen.

NOTE: The Kiosk Mode is moderately secured. You CAN require the User Account's password to grant access away from this screen. However, we recommend only using the Kiosk Mode when you are logged in with a user account that has limited permissions.