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Volunteer Management and Event Registration

When creating an event (or editing an existing event), click the Manage Event Participants button to open the Event Participant window and to view a list of people who are connected to the event. calendar events
You can manually assign people to an event, which is useful for scheduling volunteers for the nursery, for band or ensemble, as greeters--or whatever. Once you have added your people to an event, you can send them an invite via email. When they respond to the invite, the application will automatically update their status for the event, letting you know if they will be able to attend or if they are unsure.

TIP: If someone is scheduled for multiple events that overlap in time, ChurchTrac Online will display the words (Scheduling Conflict) next to their name in the list of event participants. However, this only works for events that have a start and end time, and not for 'all day' events.

Private events will have a "Send Invites" button on the Event Participants button bar. When you click this, CTO will send an email to each person you've added who has not yet been invited. Once an invite is sent, their status will update to 'Invited' until they have responded. After they respond, their status will be updated to "Confirmed", "Unable to Attend", or "Unsure". For private events, invitees will be linked to a page that looks similar to the one shown below. calendar events
By default, events are created as Private events, which means that individuals cannot 'Register' to attend. Private events are 'by invite only', as described above. If you want others to be able to register for an event, you can switch it to a Public event by clicking the Event Options button. Public events will display a Registration Link URL that you can share with others. Public events will also be 'clickable' on your public calendar and in our Congregation Access portal. calendar events
To register for a Public event, a person will need to log in and/or register. The login credentials used to register for public events is the same as what is used for our Congregation Access feature and for Online Giving. When registering for a Public event, registrants will be presented with a screen similar to what is shown below: calendar events
Both Public and Private events have several other settings that you can configure in Event Options. For example, you can upload an event logo that is displayed to a person when they are responding to an invitation or registering for an event. There's also an optional deadline that you can set for responses or registration, and an option to notify you or another user via email whenever someone registers. For some events you may want to change the "Show Additional Guests Field" to Yes. This will present the registrant with the opportunity to enter an additional number of people that will be coming to the event, and ChurchTrac Online will keep a running total of registrants plus guests. Additionally, for both Public and Private events, you can add one or more Event Fields, allowing you to customize the registration experience or collect specific information from your attendees (a couple of sample fields are shown in the image above and below). You can ask questions or request information, and choose whether or not each response is required or optional. You can create several different types of fields, including a Yes/No option, a simple text box where the respondent can type a response, a selection list where they will pick a value, a date field that requires a year, or a year-optional date field. You can also import fields from another event that you have designated as a template for event fields. calendar events
To view an attendee's responses to your event fields, simply click on their name on the Event Participant screen, or click the Event Report button on the button bar.