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Bulk Edit

The Bulk Edit feature allows you to make changes to multiple names or records simultaneously. For example, you can change the value of the Member Status field, update a User-Defined field, and add or move people to a new group. After checking the box next to the names you want to work with (or unchecking the box next to names that you do not want to edit), click the Settings Cogwheel at the bottom of the list of names on the People screen to access the Bulk Edit window.

HINT: Using a Smart List can help speed up your selection process. You can choose a specific group to display, or just names that meet the criteria of one of your Smart Lists, instead of manually scrolling through the list checking and unchecking names. See our Smart List article for instructions on setting up and using the Smart List feature.

NOTE: The Bulk Edit operations will apply to every checked name on the People screen. You can use the 'Check All' and 'Check None' buttons to quickly add or remove checks, or you can manually check and uncheck names. Do this before applying any changes using the Bulk Edit feature. If you make a mistake, a Bulk Edit operation cannot be undone.

The Bulk Edit window presents you with several choices. First, you have the option to change a field's value for all checked names. You can choose from several built-in fields, plus many of your user-defined fields.
The second option gives you the ability to add all the checked names to a new or existing group. You'll select the Group Category and specify a Group Name. You also have a checkbox option that will remove these checked names from any other Groups within this Group Category before adding them to the new Group that you specify. You can use this option to move to "promote" individuals to a new group or class. Once you can made your selection, click the "Perform This Action" button to proceed. Notice that this window will also let you know how many records this action will be applied to. You should always double-check to make sure this number matches what you're expecting, as Bulk Edit operations cannot be undone.