Check-In Overview

The Family/Child Check-In is a fantastic way to make your nursery, preschool, and children's areas safer and more efficient. You can check-in an entire family and generate check-in labels, security (pick-up) labels, and name tags-all while marking family members present for an event. With check-in you can:

  • Check babies, children, youth or adults into an event.
  • Generate labels that include important information such as allergies, medical issues, or special needs.
  • Record emergency contact information and special instructions from the parents.
  • Increase security by ensuring that only authorized people can check out a child.
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Why use Check-In?

Check-In Increases Security

Check-In is a secure process for checking children in and out by approved individuals. With a unique Check-In Id, parents can also be notified regarding their children during service.

Check-In Provides Safety

You can specify allergies, special needs, and easily provide emergency contact information for each child.

Check-In Gives a Positive Perception

Family Check-In gives parents the perception that their children are secure and safe. This allows them to more freely worship.

attendance screen checkin

When properly utilized, you can quickly check in an entire family, mark them present for an event, print the children's info labels, and print the parent's pick-up label. For a family already entered in your database, this entire process can take less than 10 seconds.

What do I need to use Check-In?

  • A device with a minimum of 768 vertical pixels. We recommend using a higher resolution touchscreen device, like a Microsoft Surface, but check-in also works well on Macs, iPads, and touchscreen Windows laptops. We have found that Chromebooks do not work well (if at all) with dedicated label printers.
  • A browser without any extra toolbars, plug-ins, etc. that may reduce the amount of usable screen space. There is also an option (that we highly recommend) to use the Chrome browser in 'Kiosk Mode'. This automatically removes toolbars and address bars, and simplifies printing. For more information and setup instructions see our article on Chrome Kiosk Mode.
  • At least one label printer. We fully support the Brother 810W and 820NWB, as well as the Dymo LWW. You will just need to install the printer drivers from the manufacturer's website for the labels to print correctly. Review our Label Printer Setup article to get detailed setup instructions and guidance.
  • A friendly person who can smile and make people feel welcome (optional, but highly recommended!)
Family Check-in can be utilized as part of a volunteer or staff-manned check-in station, or an unmanned (self) check-in station.

Check-In & Tags

To assign Tags to an event, go to the Events/Attendance Screen and select the Attendance & Check-In tab. You can either add an attendance date or select one that you have already made.

attendance screen checkin

Check-in works with any tags that you've configured for attendance tracking. Be sure to see our article on setting up your tags for attendance if you need help with this.

Next, select the tags for this event, including any tags you want to use for check-in. For example, if you are doing check-in for your Nursery class, the Nursery tag must first be added to that event.

Attendance Event Tags

Once you select the Attendance Event you would like to start Check-In for, click the Check-In Mode button to start.

attendance screen checkin

The Check-In Screen will open in a new tab in your browser. Some browsers may block or prompt you--be sure to allow the new tab to open.

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