Worship/Scheduling Overview

Worship Planning is about more than picking songs. There's a lot that happens behind the scenes to ensure a worship service is God-honoring with minimal distractions. ChurchTrac gives you powerful tools to help you plan worship services, schedule people, organize your teams, and manage your song library.

Navigating Worship Planning

The Worship Planning Screen is made up of 4 tabs:

  • Services | Scheduling
  • Teams | Roles
  • Song Library
  • Setup

Worship Scheduling Overview

Services | Scheduling

This is where you create & edit services. With the Worship Outline, you can add songs and elements to build out your worship services. The Scheduling/Roles tab is where you schedule your teams and people and assign roles to them. You also have the option to create rehearsals, Download PDFs and more!


Teams are Tags that you create to make it easy to schedule your volunteers. You can create your Teams, add Roles, and assign your people. You can designate a leader (a ChurchTrac User) that is responsible for scheduling each team. This person will also receive notifications when a team member accepts or declines an invitation to serve.

Song Library

The Song Library is where you can add, manage, and organize all the songs you use in worship. Songs can be tagged (just like People) to group them together or for searching. Songs can also be organized into one or more Collections (think "song book" but it doesn't have to be a book--it can be "My Favorite Songs" collection). Have a particular song or collection that you especially love right now? Click the Star icon to make them easy to locate!


Use the Setup page adjust some options and set some basic preferences for your Worship Planning and Scheduling screen. This is also where you'll link to your SongSelect account, which allows you to import songs, lyrics and chord charts much faster.

What should I do first?

Though there is no "wrong" way to plan worship in ChurchTrac, this is our recommendation of getting started to help you efficiently get things set up:

  1. Start with going to the Setup page to input your Default Service and Rehearsal Times. If you have a SongSelect account, you can link it here as well. You can also edit/add additional locations in the Locations settings.

  2. Worship Scheduling Overview

  3. Manage your Teams. ChurchTrac automatically creates a Worship Team by default. Go ahead and add more teams like AV Team, Welcome Team, Children's Ministry...whatever your church uses or wants to schedule. From there you can designate Team Roles and add your people. Any person on your People Screen can be added to a Team or scheduled to serve.

  4. Worship Scheduling Overview

  5. After your Teams are set up, go ahead and add songs to your Song Library. ChurchTrac gives you the ability to import songs via SongSelect or you can add them manually.

  6. Worship Scheduling Overview

  7. Once you've added your songs, you are ready to create a service. Navigate to the Services Tab and add your first service.

  8. Worship Scheduling Overview

More Than a Service

Remember, worship planning is all-encompassing with multiple ministries often taking place at the same time. Use this screen to plan and schedule your Children's workers, Greeters, Ushers, Welcome Team and more!

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