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ChurchTrac Online offers email, voice and text messaging. You can also create and print pre-formatted form letters.

Voice and text message sending requires the purchase of messaging credits. Additionally, sending text messages requires the purchase of a dedicated phone number for this purpose. Check out our pricing page for full details or contact our support team for assistance. From the People screen, click Messaging on the toolbar, then select the type of message you want to send. You can also choose who you want to send the message to by selecting a Smart List from the selection box, or by sending your message to the checked names on the People screen.
Message Screen

Sending an Email

Type the subject and message to be sent. You may also choose to attach a .pdf or .jpeg file. Files can be no larger than 2 MB in size. Click "Browse" to locate and select the file you want to attach. Then click "Send Email Now."

Note: Many providers limit the number of messages you can send at once, per hour, or per day. Typically, it is best to use a third-party service when sending bulk (more than 20-50 at a time) emails.

Configuring Your Email Settings

To configure your email settings, go to the Home Screen and then to Settings Administrator Settings Email Settings. Under the "Email Settings" heading, select your email sending method. Your email or internet service provider should be able to provide you with the settings you need for sending email through their SMTP server. If you use a program like Outlook for sending and receiving email, then the settings from that program will match the settings you enter here.

Sending a Voice Message

ChurchTrac will call and deliver a voice message to each recipient's Primary Number as indicated on the People Screen. If an individual does not have a primary number, their home number will be used. Each message recipient will require one messaging credit from your available balance. An estimated number of recipients will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Phone numbers must be 10 digits long to be considered valid. Invalid numbers will be skipped. Duplicate numbers (for example husbands and wives with the same number) will only be called once. Only numbers in the US and Canada can be called at this time. Voice Messaging Screen

    1. Click the "Check Credit Balance" button to ensure you have enough messaging credits to send the voice message to the number of recipients selected. If your "Caller ID" number has not already been validated, follow the instructions on the screen to validate the phone number. This validation is only required once.
    2. Write out your voice message. Be sure to identify yourself and the organization in the message.
    3. Time yourself saying the message. Messages can be no longer than 60 seconds.
    4. Enter "Your Recording Number." This is the phone number ChurchTrac will dial and prompt you to record your voice message.
    5. Click "Send Message Now" to the right, please be ready to record your message. ChurchTrac will check your available credit balance and prompt you to accept the number of credits that sending this message will consume. You will then receive a phone call prompting you to record your voice message. Once you have accepted your recording, ChurchTrac will call and deliver your message to the numbers listed in the white box.

Note: Messages are delivered immediately, so be sure to send your voice messages at a convenient time. It is recommended that you avoid sending messages before 9 AM or after 9 PM.

Sending a Text Message

ChurchTrac will send a text message to each person on your Smart List with a 10-digit cell phone number entered into the "Cell/TXT" field on the People Screen. Before you can send text messages, the voice messaging feature must be validated for your account. See the "Enabling Text Messaging" section below.

Once your text feature is enabled, you will want to click on the "Check Credit Balance" button to verify you have enough messaging credits to cover the "Estimated number of credits needed" to send the messages. Each text message recipient will use 1/2 of a credit from your available balance. (2 recipients = 1 credit) Messages can only be sent to numbers in the US and Canada. Now type in your message in the white text box and click "Send This Message". Texts can be up to 150 characters. Since the text number may not be recognized by the recipient, you will want to identify yourself or your organization in the message itself.

Text Messaging Screen

Enabling Text Messaging

If texting is not enabled on your account, click on the "Enable Text Messaging" button on the screen. To enable text messaging, we need to first add a phone number to your account. The cost to enable text messaging and add this number is $2 per month or $20 per year. Enable Text Button

Note: Due to FCC regulations, you cannot send a text message from a number you do not own. For example, text messages from your mobile phone can only come from your mobile phone. You cannot use your mobile phone number to send messages from another device or service. In order to enable text messaging in ChurchTrac Online, you'll need to purchase a dedicated phone number from us for this purpose.
As you continue, check the box to enable TXT/SMS messaging and choose the number of messaging credits you would like to purchase. Next, choose a phone number that will serve as your SMS 'Caller ID.' Your message recipients will see this as the "sender" number whenever you send a text message. Once selected, this number will be assigned to your account, and you can notify your recipients that text messages your church or ministry will come from this number. (If a list of numbers does not show up immediately but indicates that it is continuously "loading," Your Caller ID number will need to be validated first. To do this, go back to the "Send a Voice Message" screen and click on the "Check Credit Balance" button. Follow the instructions on the screen to validate the number. When an SMS number has been assigned to your account, you will need to close the window and reopen the Messaging screen to send your text.