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ChurchTrac Overview

Welcome to ChurchTrac! Our software is a powerful tool that is designed to equip you and your leaders to do effective ministry. Despite all the features we've packed into our software, it's designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use.

TIP: ChurchTrac works best when you have all your key leadership using the software. We recommend setting up an account for each ministry head. This includes Admin, Senior Pastor, Children's Ministry, Youth, Worship and more. You can learn how to create and configure user accounts HERE.
To make ChurchTrac easy-to-use, we have organized the software into 7 different sections or "screens" which you can navigate. These screens include:

1. Home
2. People
3. Groups
4. Attendance
5. Events
6. Giving
7. Accounting (if active on your account)

From each of these screens, you find unique features that apply to those particular pieces to the software. For example, the Attendance Screen is where you can find features such as Attendance Reports, Kiosk Mode, and Check-In-Mode. Likewise, if you navigate to the Events Screen you will find features like Edit Calendars, Edit Locations, Export Calendar, and Public Calendar.

Your role in your church/ministry may determine which screens in ChurchTrac you may actually use. If you are the Treasurer, you may exclusively be using the Giving and Accounting Screen. If you're a Children's Ministry pastor, you may find yourself using every screen with the exception of Giving and Accounting.

We have found that churches who use ChurchTrac as their hub of communication are able to better disciple their people and do effective ministry. Much like a well-disciplined choir, your people can move together in perfect harmony.

First Steps

Like any new thing, ChurchTrac does have a learning curve. Our biggest advice to first-time users is to navigate through the different screens and familiarize yourself with where features are located. Whether you're a Senior pastor or the church Treasurer, it's good to be familiar with what ChurchTrac is capable of.

Once you've spent 30-45 minutes getting familiar with some of the features, it's time to add your people if you have yet to do so. Adding people can be done in one of two ways:

1. Data Import
2. Manually

If you have a Database of over 50 people, we recommend having us import your data to save you time. If you're a smaller ministry or a church plant, we recommend manually adding your people. This will help you get familiar with the People Screen and can be done in about an hour.

Becomming a ChurchTrac Guru

To help you master ChurchTrac, we've put together some fantastic resources to help you learn and navigate through many of the key features.

1. The ChurchTrac Youtube Channel
2. ChurchTrac Support Page

Our support page is where you can find the complete ChurchTrac User Guide to show you the ins and outs of many of the advanced features. About 63% of the time you can find the answer to your question in under 2 minutes. For the record, we did not make up those stats. We used lots of fancy math to get to that conclusion!

If you find yourself needing help that goes beyond Youtube and our User Guide, we've got your back! We have real-life humans on our Support Team that are ChurchTrac Gurus. Simply create a support ticket and we will respond to your question in a jiffy!

We're in this together!

Just like you, all of us at ChurchTrac are actively involved in our local ministries. Some of us are Pastors, Worship Leaders, Counselors, and Teachers. When we say "I know what you mean", it's because we really do! We're excited to be working side-by-side with you.