Using the People Screen

The People Screen is where you keep track of all your people, including members, children, prospects, and visitors (new people).

Adding names to your database

Adding names to the People Screen is one of the first steps in using ChurchTrac. Once names are added on this screen, you can add notes and track information like spiritual gifts and roles with Tags. You will also use names entered on the People Screen in other areas (like Attendance and Giving).

We can also perform a one-time import of your names and associated individual/family data from a CSV/Spreadsheet. Learn how to do that by going to our article on importing your data.

To add a name, click on the "Add Name" button on the People Screen. The Add Name window has a section for the individual's information, as well as a section at the bottom for shared family information (the family section is only visible when you select the option to Create a New Family). The first and last name fields are required for each individual. All other fields are optional. You can add additional members of the family at the same time by clicking "Add Another Family Member".

Add Name Screen

When adding a new name (or several names from the same family), the program will automatically create a new Family. Alternatively, you can choose to "Assign to an Existing Family" if you are adding an individual to a Family that has previously been added to your database.

The "Family Name" will be created automatically using the name of the first individual that you enter from each family. For this reason, we recommend that you enter the head of the household first, rather than a child's name. You can always edit the family name from the People Screen.

You can enter additional information for the individual and family now from the Add Name window, by clicking on the ( ) to the right of the Member Status selection field. This can also be done later by editing a person's information on the People Screen. An Administrator user can configure which fields appear on the Add Name window by going to:

Settings Admin Settings Add Name Settings.

Editing a name/information

Once a name has been entered into the database, you can add additional information or edit existing information by clicking the "Edit" button on the People Screen. From the Edit view, you can also click on any clickable underlined field name, and create or edit the options for that selection box. In Edit mode, you can edit or change the family name, change the family assignment, or edit any of the fields for this individual and family. Any changes you make are saved instantly.

Changing the Primary Address

Depending on the demographics of your ministry, you may have people who live in two different places throughout the year. College students and "snowbirds" are good examples of this. You can record two addresses for that family and set one as their primary address at any time. To change the primary address, you first need to go to [Settings Admin Settings Screen Settings] and make sure the box is checked for "Show the Secondary Address field on the People Screen".

Bulk Edit Screen

After you change that setting, go to the person you wish to update the address on and select "Make Primary" on the Secondary Address.

Screen Settings

Upon clicking that, your Secondary Address will then become the Primary Address for that family.

Family information is shared between all family members. When you edit the information for one family member, it will update or change that information for all the other members of that family. For example, if you change the Address field, it will update everyone in the individual's family.

Changing family assignments

Believe it or not, changing a Family Assignment in ChurchTrac is more common than you may think. Some situations in which Family Assignments are changed include a new marriage, adoption, divorce, and remarriage.

To change a Family Assignment, click the "Edit" button for the individual you wish to change. Once you're on the Edit mode, click "Change Family Assignment".

Once clicked, you can then proceed in either adding the person to a different family or creating a new family for the individual.

Bulk editing

ChurchTrac allows you to bulk edit or change information for the names that are "checked" on the People Screen (notice the checkbox to the left of each individual's name). You can manually check the names you would like to work with, or you can select a Smart List of names or click the ( ) button on the bottom of the list of names on the People Screen to select all.

Bulk Edit Screen

You can also generate reports or send messages using just the checked names on the People Screen.

Once you have selected the group of names to be edited, click on the "Bulk Edit" ( ) button at the bottom of the list of names and complete the information in the Bulk Edit pop up window. You can also use this feature to add or update a particular field, tag, or archive names.

More information on the bulk edit feature can be found at our article for bulk editing.

Deleting a name

Under normal circumstances, it is not advisable to delete a person from your database. In addition to the individual's data being removed, their giving and attendance history will be disconnected from their profile (their contributions and attendance will be no longer be associated with a name in your database).

While some data can be "undeleted" by you in Admin Settings, we recommend that you limit the number of user accounts that have deletion privileges. In some cases, the only option to recover deleted information is for us to roll back your entire database back to an earlier point in time. This process takes quite a bit of effort, and therefore we have to charge a fee if you require this service.

Instead of deleting a name from your database, you should consider changing the name to Inactive (Active=NO) on the People Screen, or you can archive the name (using the Bulk Edit option on the People Screen). When you archive a name, the name is removed from the People Screen, and is no longer accessible for new attendance events, for entering contributions, etc. However, the name and the data associated with that name remain in your database and can be restored from Admin Settings, and contribution statements can still be printed even while archived.

Names that have been archived do not count toward the total number of names allowed by your plan. Some of our older plans do not include the archive feature. If you want to add this option, please contact us.

If you do choose to delete a person, highlight the name in the people list and choose "Delete Name" option from the bottom of the list of names on the People Screen. If the person you are attempting to delete does have attendance, contribution, or other records associated with their name, ChurchTrac will ask for special confirmation before performing the deletion.

Quickly finding names in ChurchTrac

If you have hundreds (or even thousands) of names in your database, it gets a little more difficult to scroll through the list one-by-one to find the name you're looking for. So ChurchTrac offers two options for searching names:

1: Search - Type a name, email address, or phone number in the Search box on the People Screen to see matching names. Only the names that meet the criteria you've entered will be shown in the list. Make sure the "Everyone" Smart List is selected to search through all names in your database, and that you type at least three characters.

Click the ( ) button to return to the full list of names.

Search Name Screen

2: Smart List-  When you want to search for a set of names that meet certain criteria or set of criteria, you will want to use a Smart List. You can create multiple Smarts Lists and reuse these lists over and over to quickly display names that match your predefined criteria. For example, you may want to list every child in your database, or every female over the age of 50. There are dozens of options that you can use when configuring your Smart Lists. You can quickly show the names that match a particular Smart List by selecting that Smart List from the selection box at the top of the list of names on the People Screen. To edit or set up your Smart Lists, click "Smart Lists" on the People Screen toolbar.

Reports & Labels

ChurchTrac provides a variety of predefined reports and labels. Click "Reports" on the People Screen toolbar to view the report options. Your People Screen reports will automatically include the names from the selected Smart List, or alternatively, the names that are checked on the People Screen (you can choose which one before creating your reports).

Some reports can also be generated as a CSV to be opened in Excel or Numbers. If a report is available, then the "Download CSV" button will appear.

Reports and Labels Screen

Reports and Labels are generated in PDF format, which makes it easy to view, save, print and email. If you use a third-party PDF plug-in in your browser, reports might not generate as expected.

More details about Reports and Labels can be found in our article referencing it.

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