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Using the Accounting Screen

The Accounting Screen allows you to record transactions in your bank, credit card, or other accounts.

Note: ChurchTrac Online's accounting features are designed to be an easy-to-use system using the single-entry (or cash basis) accounting method. You also have the ability to categorize and classify your transactions using categories and funds, as well as print checks, reconcile accounts, and generate reports. If you require more complex features like double-entry or invoicing, you may need to supplement ChurchTrac Online with another dedicated accounting application.

When you open the accounting screen, you'll see a list of bank or credit card accounts that you have created. Your current balance will also be displayed for each account. To open the Register for one of the listed accounts, just click on the account's name in the list.

Account List

If you need to add a new bank account, see "Creating a New Account" below.

The toolbar at the top of the Accounting screen gives you quick access to the other Accounting features. From here you can access Reports, create Categories or Funds, set up Memorized Transactions, and configure your Budgets. Each of these areas is addressed in more detail in the sections below: